Ivan Ajplatov

Ivan Ajplatov is one of the most famous and successful Belorussian designer. He was born in Ioshkar-Ola where has left technological college on a profession of the fashion designer. He is the prize-winner of many the most significant fashion events and competitions in Belarus, Russia, Czech.

Ajplatov’s works were shown at the International exhibition of fashion in Brno (Slovakia). He created suits for group "Bravo", for Belorussian groups "Lyapis Trubeckoj" and "Mary Poppins", and also for hosts of the Belorussian television. Ivan Ajplatov's clothes were used for programs "RTR-sports" and commands of the higher league of KVN (Club cheerful and resourceful), in theatrical performances (performance "Odd fellows" by Gorky at the Russian drama theater in Minsk), in the Moscow state circus.

He is the founder of an image of the Belorussian participants of competition "Eurovision-2004" and children's "Eurovision-2005", the author of suits for Sergey Zverev's show at festival of hairdresser's art “Trend Vision” (Germany).

Ivan Ajplatov worked together with resident of Comedy Club Vadik Galygin over creation of fashion line “Comedy Fashion”. The collection "Fairy tale" was presented on October at «The Week of Fashion» in Moscow.

Ivan Ajplatov creates the clothes for those who adores to experiment own clothes. His force is in a collection for men, his charm – in a collection for women. Ajplatov has an exclusive design talent; he is plastic under the form and dynamical under the maintenance. He easily works practically with any material: silk or skin, denim or jersey. Ivan Ajplatov is conventional master of print. His well-known “Deribas de luxe”, "Killer-sport", "Eurosexxx" and "Pop-porn" are points which fix a sight, excite emotions.

Each Ajplatov’s collection is an uniform live organism. There are no casual, dropping out, illogical things. The fashion designer scrupulously thinks over literally all: beginning from a detail of the next image, a silhouette, proportions and finishing technology, landing on a figure, detailed elaboration.


Juny 15

Juny 15, 2013

Musical Theatre (Minsk, Myasnikova Str. 44)

  • 14:00 Avant-garde Fashion сontest
  • 18:00 Fashion video-art сontest
  • 20:00 Gala show of collections. Awarding of winners. (face-art contest in intermission)

Club «NEXT» (Minsk, Kirova str. 13)

  • 24:00 Body Art and face-art сontest. Finale.

Juny 16

Juny 16, 2013

Marks Street in front of Historical Museum

  • 16:00 - 21:00 Carnaval and concert


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